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Lunacy or Luna See? Virgin Galactic Mothership Takes Off

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Are you a speed junky? How would you like to travel three times the speed of sound? If Richard Branson’s vision for Virgin Galactic succeeds, you can realistically add it to your list of 100 things to do before you die.

Since 2005, Virgin Galactic has been selling tickets for a true space ride at approximately US$200,000.00 each. The venture’s longer-term intention is to reduce the price of a ticket as quickly as possible, to a price as low as possible, ultimately making space travel available to all.

Why is Virgin the company to bring this experience down to earth? According to the Virgin Galactic website, it’s a natural win given “Virgin’s vast experience in aviation, adventure, luxury travel and cutting-edge design combined with unique technology.”

Historically, Branson and his Virgin ventures have joined the ranks of environmental causes in a significant way with the likes of the Virgin Earth Challenge and the Virgin Green Fund. Appearing as big proponents of alternative energy and highly fuel-efficient aircraft and trains, what is their real agenda?

In Branson’s own words: “Virgin Galactic is investing in a space access system that is radically different from what’s gone before and many times more environmentally friendly. This, and the future technology that it inspires, will allow man to continue to reap space related environmental benefits without making an unacceptable contribution to the environmental problem.”

One can hope he’s going to be true to his words. In particular, how do you reconcile the amount of spent fuel hurled into the atmosphere so my neighbor can have a look around in space just for fun? You might argue that this is not so different from the cross-country summer vacation trek that many families take each year. However, the amount of fuel spent on one space flight makes the fuel needed for the family excursion look like a mere splash.

Perhaps you should get your memorial or logo etched on the Moon sooner rather than later. It seems that there will, after all, be orbiters able to view your lunar thumbprint within the next few years. Of course, it may well be the same folks orbiting as buying the etchings. In my mind, they’ll be the only ones affording either caper.

Who knows? Perhaps there’s a company selling the naming rights to a future space hotel too. Just imagine: the T-Mobile Hotel Intergalactic next to the Microsoft Spacewalk Conference Center.

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Written by Julie Pierce

August 5, 2009 at 6:21 pm

Lunar Gaffiti: Your Logo or Domain Name on the Moon

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Unbelievable! No, I take that back. Of course this is happening. Of course there are people willing to spend a minimum of $46,000 to put their logo, domain name, or memorial on the surface of the moon. What?

AngecySpy from alerted me to this baffling phenomenon. There are (at least) two things wrong with this prospect. The first is that this is astro-pollution, as far as I can tell. And the second is the waste: time, money, and effect. Perhaps that totals four things wrong with the undertaking.

The technology that does the deed is referred to as “Shadow Shaping” and it makes ridges in the lunar surface using robots. The environmental pollution seems potentially enormous, no?

Inventory of waste: the material to make the robots (eventually they will become scrap), the rockets of some sort to get the robots up there (more eventual scrap), and the fuel involved in transport. Add to that the wasted time (clearly my opinion) involved in the creation and execution of said project. These engineers could be making something less polluting, perhaps even pollution reducing.

I don’t know about you, but my group of friends and family does not include anyone with $46,000 available for moon etching — as far as I’m aware. And finally, what effect of value do the representative ridges achieve? How will anyone see the ridges for them to create an effect, unless of course the viewer is doing a little sightseeing while space traveling?

Maybe I’m missing something, but moon etching strikes me as a ridiculously wasteful, self-aggrandizing exercise for folks with more money than sense. This opportunity is being brought to us by a company called Moon Publicity. So the natural question is, who (or what) is receiving the publicized message? Creepy.

© Julie Pierce and Brittle Skillet, 2009-2011.

Written by Julie Pierce

July 21, 2009 at 7:18 pm